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Latest Meeting: What You Can Do

We were invited as the Meadows campaign to speak at an informal meeting on Thurs 17th July at Ullet Road Unitarian Church. New Green Party councillor for Greenbank Ward, Lawrence Brown, wanted local people to come and meet him informally – and hear from the Meadows,  which he described as ‘one of the most important doorstep issues’ in Greenbank, helping him gain election for the first time.

The meeting was lively and well attended.  Meadows campaigners were led by local Avenues resident Janet Pell.  Cllr Brown was joined by another new Green Party councillor Tom Crone from St Michael’s Ward, who will now sit on the Council Regeneration Committee – the key group that was supposed to scrutinise  green space sell off.  Both pledged their continuing support to stop this heritage greenspace in Sefton Park being sold for housing. We also met a student at Hope University who is writing  his dissertation on the Meadows as part of his Environmental Management degree. People filled in questionnaires to support his survey work.

Sincere thanks to Angela, Hilary and the great people at the Unitarian Church.


1. We believe strongly that Redrow Homes are the preferred developer.  We want people to contact Redrow – and their Chief Executive Steve Morgan to ask him to confirm or deny, and say why they object to housing on this beautiful and unique part of Sefton Park.

Redrow House, St David’s Park, Ewloe, Flintshire, CH5 3RX
01244 520044 /01244 545655  or

You can also write to Nick Kavanagh and Joe Anderson to ask the same question.

Ask them to CONFIRM OR DENY!

2. We need to fundraise £1,500 to pay for professional legal and planning advice.  Redrow will submit a planning application for the Meadows in early September, and we need to be ready.  We are starting to draft our submissions BUT WE NEED PROFESSIONAL HELP.  And this will cost us money!  Please donate using our PAYPAL button lower down this page.  Share this on your own Facebook & Twitter Accounts.

3. Our government e-petition is open to AUGUST 2ND to ask for future planning approval to be called in for an independent review. SIGN UP NOW AND HELP US GET PROPER SCRUTINY OF THE COUNCIL’S SELL OFF.

4. English Heritage will have a major influence on any Planning Application.  They will be a Formal Consultee and give an opinion on the impact of housing development. Contact English Heritage and tell them how much you value the Meadows as part of Grade 1 listed Sefton Park.                 

5. FLASH MOB EVENTS. We need a group of enthusiastic people to come to the Meadows at short notice to protest. CAN YOU HELP? Contact Martin Dobson on 07930 760868   

6. A new STATE OF UK PUBLIC PARKS REPORT by Heritage Lottery has been published in June. IT MAKES GRIM READING. Parks & Greenspaces will be lost, or slowly decline due to cuts in budgets to local authorities. Northwest parks are the worst hit in the country. CONTACT HERITAGE LOTTERY to complain that public money they have invested is now being wasted and their great work in Liverpool is being lost.  Tell them about the current threats to Sefton Park Meadows and Woolton Woods.   Sara Hilton is Head of Heritage Lottery NorthWest.  

Please, let us know what actions you are taking to stop the Meadows being sold off.  Time is critical now and we need all the help we can muster! Leave a comment or message on this website or post on Facebook.   THANKS.

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Meadows is in Sefton Park Boundary, says Joe Anderson

An exchange of emails between formal Lib Dem Councillor Jan Clein and Mayor Joe Anderson has confirmed that the Meadows are within  Sefton Park Boundary.      At the start of our campaign to stop the sell off, Joe stated that they were not. (at the first Regeneration Committee in April, on air with Radio Merseyside and in written answers to campaigners). The land registry title deeds also describe the Meadows as Sefton Park.

The Mayor has called the Meadows ‘Incidental Open Space’ – words which are usually used to describe verges and small bits of land left over from development. This was also used in the Council’s Loss of Open Space Notice. The Meadows are certainly not incidental open space. All of the council’s greenspace reports and open space planning documents list the Meadows as one of the highest value greenspace sites in Liverpool, with the highest category of protection.They are prime parkland, within the historic Sefton Park boundary, within the Sefton Park Conservation Area, and an important part of this great city’s heritage. They provide a huge range of ecosystem services, regulating air, water, pollution, climate – costed by UK govt and European Commission reports at millions of pounds. They are important to health and are an important recreation and amenity space.  NONE OF THIS IS COVERED BY ‘INCIDENTAL OPEN SPACE’.



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MAY 27th 2013

Sefton Park Meadows

Thanks to all those hardy people who came out in the rain and wind to our second MASS PICNIC on the Meadowlands on Bank Holiday Monday! The really committed even enjoyed their outdoor picnic!

We had great fun, despite the weather, and over 600 people joined in over the afternoon for music, food, games, dog training, information and to show their support.

Highlights were  the Socialist Choir who had even composed their own song, Dan’s sack races for kids and adults, and Phoebe and Catherine’s dog agility and pet grooming area! Dogs and their walkers love this space too… All part of our campaign against Liverpool City Council’s SELL OFF of this historic and valuable public open space around Sefton Park.

We’re showing Liverpool City Council that greenspace makes good social and business sense. Mayor Anderson, it’s also a fantastic space for events!

Mass Picnic Poster!

Mass Picnic Poster!

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Meadows Newsletter (May)

Our MAY newsletter has been printed and is ready for distribution; to take a closer look, click on the image for each page.

MEADOWS NEWS-May (page 1)

MEADOWS NEWS-May (page 1)

MEADOWS NEWS-May (page 2)

MEADOWS NEWS-May (page 2)


Please feel free to download newsletter and print off; this can be done by clicking on each image, and then right clicking the image (“save image as”) to save on your computer, you can then print off in colour, or black and white depending on your printer preference. Images can also be sent as an email attachment.


Our petition is going well, but we still need more signatures, both on-line and paper: If you can help with the door to door paper petition, please email us at SAVE SEFTON PARK MEADOWS. You can download and print the paper petition HERE!

Also, the councils own on-line E-PETITION. It’s a bit long winded this one, but PLEASE DON’T GIVE UP…..we need every signature to count!


THIS MONDAY…..outside the AVIARY CAFE, in SEFTON PARK, Bank Holiday Monday (6th May 2013) between 1pm and 4pm.

Eros & The Aviary Cafe, Sefton Park, Liverpool

Eros & The Aviary Cafe, Sefton Park, Liverpool

SAVE SEFTON PARK MEADOWS: SAY HELLO; Sign the petition, find out more about the campaign, pick up a newsletter, donate to the campaign cause and join in with our FAMILY FUN PAVEMENT ART EVENT; making the park EVEN MORE beautiful this Springtime!

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How We Started

Our First Public Meeting at Greenbank Academy on 16th April 2013 was attended by over 200 angry and frustrated local people. We set up a Campaign Group to  get started and raised over £200 towards funding our activities.

Public meeting to SAVE SEFTON PARK MEADOWS (16th April 2013)

Public meeting to SAVE SEFTON PARK MEADOWS (16th April 2013)

An Extraordinary Council Meeting

The Extraordinary Council Meeting on Thursday 18th was a disappointing affair. Even though the meeting had no power to affect anything Labour Councillors voted with the whip so the Lib Dem Motion failed. The Green Party did put forward an amendment designed to appeal to disaffected labour Councillors, but none of them dared to support it. Minutes here!

A Reply to written questions put to the Regeneration Select Committee

Campaigners put about 120 questions to the Regeneration Select committee. the Council has just put answers to these on the website and you can download them here. It’s a big, long document – but there are plenty of issues here that we can take up. Over all it seems that the council is ignoring the Unitary Development Plan, The Open Spaces Policy, The Green Spaces Policy etc etc

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Click here to download a Poster (PDF A4 83.3kb) Print it out and stick it in your window.

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The campaign has grown through the magic of Facebook but there are many people who support us who don’t use social media. It is a fast moving campaign and we intend to start sending out regular newsletters by email as well. Please forward this site to all the people you think might want to support the campaign.

Email the Mayor

Show your concern by emailing Mayor Anderson, Cabinet Member Councillor Kennedy, and your Local Councillors (details on YOU CAN HELP page)

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