The campaign to stop Liverpool City Council selling off the meadows of Sefton Park

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March 2018

5 Years On

Good supportive article in Liverpool Eye on the eve of our anniversary

……and Liverpool City Council finally publishes its Draft Local Plan – giving NO PROTECTION to greenspaces…..

March 2017

Marking Campaign’s Fourth Anniversary

Media reports about the campaign to


December 2015

Simon O’ Brien and Mayor Joe Anderson launch the long awaited Green and Open Spaces Board’s Interim Report in this Liverpool Echo article. Not good news for Sefton Park Meadows.

How is this heritage greenspace in Sefton Park ‘ incidental land’ Simon?


October 2015

WATCH – Save Sefton Park Meadows Campaign on BBC One Inside Out North West on 5th October. Feature as part of an article on how active retired women are getting involved in environmental campaigns.
Inside Out 5th October 2015     Feature starts at 10 mins:12 secs,  and Meadows campaigner Christine Bates is interviewed at 15:05 to 16:42

Listen to a preview interview with Christine on Radio Merseyside Tony Snell in the morning of 5th Oct: Radio Merseyside 5th October 2015
Interview starts at 01:13:20 and finishes at 01:18:34.


Good article about the future of parks which mentions the Save the Meadows campaign and supporter Kim Cattrall:



Sept 2015

Letters in Liverpool Echo  re Liverpool Local Plan and removal of 19 greenspaces from their current development list.  Why isn’t Sefton Park Meadows or Walton Hall Park on this list?

Letter to Echo

Letter to Echo

Letter to Echo 2

Letter to Echo 2







July 2015

Save Our Greenspaces Liverpool demonstration was held at St Luke’s bombed out church 4th July.  Liverpool Echo report:  Liverpool Echo Demo Gallery


June 2015

Place North West Redrow  29 June, which highlights a new Redrow Homes NW appointment to manage Liverpool building projects and Liverpool Echo online  is the same article but omitting mention of the new satellite Redrow office within the council’s Cunard Building.

Interesting article re public parks and the threats to them, the Guardian 27th June.  Sefton Park Meadows are mentioned.

Liverpool Head of Planning David Hughes shows the council’s hand with statement about ‘ need to build on greenspaces’ at a conference in Manchester.  See Liverpool Echo report from 12th June.  Well done Jonathan Brown from Merseyside Civic Society for his response.

May 2015

Second year medical student  Lizzy Lourenco wrote a great article in the University of Liverpool Student news, following a talk given by vice chair Janet Pell at the Guild.  Gives good reasons why young people should support our campaign.

April 2015

Green Party Leader Nathalie Bennett visited Liverpool on April 26th and pledged support for protecting our natural world.  See Liverpool Echo.

She was also quoted in the Radio Times the same week, ahead of the Woman’s Hour debate with 7 women political leaders in the General Election. Asked by interviewer : ‘Who’s your favourite British actor/actress?’ Natalie Bennett replied: ” Kim Cattrall, because I’ve just met her on Woman’s Hour and she’s lovely and she’s campaigning to save Liverpool’s Sefton Park Meadows.”

March 2015

Kim Cattrall speaks up again for the Meadows – this time on BBC Woman’s Hour on 24th March in conversation with Jane Garvey (@10m.5 secs).   Kim, your support is really appreciated!

The Liverpool Echo also covered this in ‘ Why are they taking our parks away?’ on 25th March.

Two more letters from supporters of greenspaces.

Letters from Greenspace campaigners

Letters to Echo 19/3/15






The council’s Strategic Green and Open Spaces Review Board, chaired by Simon O’Brien,  started its public ‘ walkabout’ and meetings.  A letter from Meadows campaigner John Davies to alert local people to these meetings appeared in the Echo on Thurs 12th March (in the absence of any off line Council publicity). More letters from supporters on Frid 13th March and a comment by Rex Makin in his regular column were also published.

3 letters from campaign supporters

3 letters from campaign supporters

Comment by Rex Makin in his regular column Frid 13th March

Comment by Rex Makin in his regular column







Feb 2015

Meadows campaigners joined another successful demonstration on Sat 28th Feb at the ‘bombed out church’ in  Liverpool by groups threatened by the City Council’s  greenspace sell off.  This coalition, called ‘Save Our Greenspaces’ (SOGS), includes Save Woolton Woods, Save Walton Hall Park, Keep Calderstones Green, Save Olive Mount Playing Fields and Save Sefton Park Meadows.

More letters in the Liverpool Echo this month.

Letters from Supporters

Letters from Supporters

Letter from Supporter

Letter from Supporter


Over 600 people send in formal objections to the Redrow Planning Application – an unprecedented response.

Echo News 21st Feb 2015


The Feb 19th announcement from Mayor Anderson on another revised Redrow proposal cuts no ice with our campaign. We know that one ‘ mature’ tree loss is misleading and means 22 semi mature and protected trees are still threatened, even with 20 houses. We are still firmly opposed to any development on the Meadows, as a protected greenspace, not suitable for housing.

Still 22 Trees to be Removed at Sefton Park Meadows


Three letters in the Liverpool Echo, in Feb 2015,  from our campaign group:

Paul Slater Letter

Paul Slater

Ken Aspinall Letter

Chair of Campaign Ken Aspinall

John Davies Letter

John Davies







Jan 2015

Liverpool Echo 31st Jan reports on our campaign pledge to stop any development on the Meadows, regardless of Joe’s late opposition to tree loss.  Kim Cattrall tweets again to ask her followers to SAY NO!

Kim Cattrall tweets Say No!

Kim Cattrall continues to support campaign

See below for our Press Statement on 29th Jan and the Public Notice advert in Liverpool Echo.

Listen to Roger Phillips debate 30th Jan with campaign’s own superstar Sandra Warren, and a gentlemen from the Wirral.  Start listening at 1hr 26 mins to 1 hr 47mins.

Following Joe Anderson’s objection to Redrow’s plans to cut down 27 trees, and asking them to amend their proposal, the Campaign Group has issued a Press Statement Mayor To Save Sefton Park Meadows Trees 29.01.2015

We have pledged to continue our campaign to stop any development on the Meadows.  Radio Merseyside tweeted our response and give a link to Chair Ken Aspinall’s interview on 28th January.

Campaign response to Joe tweeted

Mairead Smith from Radio Mersesyide tweets our campaign response





Our 2nd Campaign Release Council Publish Public Notice  to local media 28/1/15 alerting local people to Public Notice in Liverpool Echo, giving 3 weeks for objections to 19th Feb 2015.

Meadows Trees at Risk

Supporters post notices on Meadows trees at risk

Our Campaign  Press Release to Liverpool Echo 23/1/15 on publication of Redrow Planning Application.

More coverage in the Liverpool Echo over the Planning Application

Another great letter in the Liverpool Echo on 22/1/15

Echo leter about the Meadows

Letter about Sefton Park Meadows in the Liverpool Echo






Liverpool Echo gives first media coverage to Redrow’s planning application for full permission to build 34 large executive houses on the Meadows. Immediate concern raised is the removal of 27 trees, part of the heritage landscape of the Meadows AND the loss of its Conservation link to Grade 1 Sefton Park.

The Echo article also includes a video clip of Kim Cattrall’s support of the Meadows campaign at her Liverpool awards ceremony in November (see media below)

Political Editor of the Independent Jane Merrick, has tweeted her support of Sefton Park Meadows.

Tweet by Political Editor of Independent

Jane Merrick of the Independent tweets her support

Jane is originally from Liverpool  and knows the Meadows well.

John Davies of Save the Meadows campaign published Turning Green To Brown, following his successful Liverpool Biennial exhibition in 2014. £2 of sale from each book supports the campaign.

Nov 2014

Actress Kim Cattrall has recently given strong support to Save Sefton Park Meadows. She spoke about the Redrow plans to build houses as ” an encroachment on the People’s Land”.

Kim Cattrell at Sefton Park Meadows

Kim Cattrall gives support to the Meadows campaign.       She was subjected to a tirade from Mayor Joe Anderson, but gave back good style!


A round up..

Actress Kim Cattrall speaks up at Liverpool awards ceremony in November 2014. She speaks out about what the Meadows mean to her and her mother, and asking Mayor Anderson to think again.

The Daily Telegraph picks up the story

Followed by the Sunday Express, Independent, Daily Mail, Liverpool Confidential, Liverpool Echo

..And more local and national coverage…

Defending Kim Cattrell

Liverpool Echo


Sunday Times coverage

Sunday Times

Daily Express coverage

Daily Express

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