The campaign to stop Liverpool City Council selling off the meadows of Sefton Park

Update on the Meadows and Planning Application


Just to bring all friends and supporters up to date 
The SSPM Campaign Group have recently been in contact with Liverpool Council Planning Department to ask for an update on Redrow Homes and Sefton Park Meadows.
Their response was that no decision has been made, nor any report prepared in connection with the current Redrow planning application. We had been told by the Mayor and the Planning Officer earlier this year that Redrow intended to submit an amended planning application, following the Mayor’s two public announcements about trees being felled and the density of proposed housing .  You may recall the objections date for this current application was 19th February.   However, no amended planning application has not yet been submitted to the Council from Redrow and the Council are obviously waiting for – and probably negotiating with Redrow – over this.  We have not been given any explanation why. We are not sure if it is connected with the report Simon O’Brien is drafting for the Greenspaces Review Board – which should be published in draft for public consultation in June, we were told.

We have been informed by the Planning Officer that when any amended planning application is received, all relevant parties will be re-consulted and given the opportunity to comment further. We are not sure if this means we all have to amend and resubmit our original objections at this stage. She will then prepare a report taking into account any comments received. Following this, the Planning Committee will consider this report and make their decision to reject or approve.

Keep watching this space  and our Facebook/Twitter pages for news.

Great article from the Guardian journalist and writer Owen Jones We Must Fight to Make Our Cities Healthy Places to Live

Many thanks for your continuing support of Sefton Park Meadows.

2 thoughts on “Update on the Meadows and Planning Application

  1. I am a local resident next to Sefton park meadows and I am too against the redrow proposal. However, I went across to the protesters who are camping out to ask if there was a petition I could sign to show my support and there was none in place. As I was walking away one of the older gentlemen sat in the group began to shout “ay ay ay” loudly at me so I turned around and then the lady sat next to him asked if I could bring food down to them? Then another gentleman emerged from a tent shouting “vegan food, vegan”. With all respect this isn’t going to drum up much support I think a petition would have been more productive.

    • Hi Clare, sorry for delay in responding.
      The Love Activists camp has no links to the Save Sefton Park Meadows campaign. This group has independently camped on the Meadows as part of their continuing protests about homelessness in the city. They were previously occupying the former Bank of England building in the city and a greenspace at the Pier Head. As a campaign we have no connection to their protest.
      Hope this clarifies.

      Best wishes

      Janet Pell,vice chair

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