The campaign to stop Liverpool City Council selling off the meadows of Sefton Park

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Candidates Responses to Our Local Election Survey

April 29th 2015

See our Candidates Survey Responses to the two questions we asked for our local Liverpool elections survey on Sefton Park Meadows and Loss of Greenspaces.

See the additional Comments to Survey  made by local political groups and individual candidates.

We sent our  survey (see previous post) to the central offices of the main political parties in Liverpool. We also sent it to as many candidates whose email contact details we could find.

We invited candidates to contact us through  Facebook, by email or on Twitter.

We focussed on candidates closest to Sefton Park Meadows, and also invited  others from wards across the city to respond.

We have received only 1 comment from ANY candidate in Liverpool Labour Party to our greenspaces survey.  This is despite sending it out to Liverpool Labour Central Office, the Mayor’s Office (as he is the lead agent), and to all current councillors across the city. The comment is from current councillor Patrick Hurley, standing again for Mossley Hill Ward, close to the Meadows. He did not however answer either question specifically.

We have had All Candidate responses to both questions with further comments from Liverpool Green Party AND Liverpool Liberal Democrats. ALL of their candidates standing are opposed to the sale of the Meadows and public parks and greenspace cherished by local people.

We had an all candidate comment only from Northwest Liberals.

We have had one response to both questions and further comments from a Trade Union and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) candidate. This is from a Greenbank Ward candidate, opposing the sale of the Meadows and other greenspace sales.

We had two response from UKIP and comments.  From their Picton ward candidate who is also parliamentary candidate in Wavertree constituency, and from their Woolton candidate. Both responded to both questions with ‘No’ to sell offs of the Meadows or other greenspaces,a nd made further comments.

One Independent candidate responded to both questions with comments.  Standing in Wavertree ward, he responded to both questions with ‘No’ to sale of Meadows or other greenspaces.  He is also chair of the Save Our Greenspaces (SOGS) campaign.

We will add any further responses we receive as they come in before Election Day on May 7th.

If you wish to ask your candidate for council about their views on greenspace sell offs in Liverpool, please see the previous post for our survey.

Thank You

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Meadows and Loss of Greenspaces Local Election Survey

Save Sefton Park Meadows is conducting a survey of ALL political and independent candidates for the local May 7th election to ask their views on the sale of Sefton Park Meadows AND other great Liverpool greenspaces for development .

At Wed 22nd April, see first response received Candidates List (Interim). Liberal Democrats have sent an ‘all candidates response’ to say they are ALL opposing the sale of Sefton Park Meadows and other proposed greenspaces in Liverpool.

FULL SURVEY responses and comments we receive will be published here and on our Facebook site from Wed 29th April 2015.

We want all campaigners and supporters to contact  candidates who are standing as councillors in YOUR WARDS to ask the following questions:

1. Do you agree Sefton Park Meadows should be sold for housing development?

Please state YES or NO

2. Do you agree with the sale of other parks or greenspaces in Liverpool for development?

Please state YES or NO


3. Any Further Comments

You can find a list of all local candidates in your wards with their contact details here: Candidates-local-elections-all-wards.

Sitting councillors can still be emailed at their council email address. See link here to find your current councillors.

If supporters also want to contact candidates standing as local MPs and MEPs, you can also find their details here: MPs-nominated. Please write to or email them as soon as possible.

We have 2 weeks to election day and find out their views on Liverpool’s threatened greenspaces!

If candidates do not wish to respond – or we receive no response from individuals – we will also publicise this. PLEASE LET US KNOW THROUGH OUR FACEBOOK PAGE WHEN YOU HAVE HAD A RESPONSE   or email

From the beginning of our campaign, we said that the issue of Sefton Park Meadows – and now other greenspace loss – would become an important local election issue. The Green Party saw Cllr Lawrence Brown elected in Greenbank Ward over the Meadows last year. An article ( below) in the Liverpool Echo ( 17th April 15) about a candidates hustings in Wavertree supports this.

Article in Liverpool Echo 17th April 2015

Article in Liverpool Echo 17th April 2015






We will also work hard to make the issue of the Meadows and other greenspaces sell off  high on the  agenda for candidates in the next Liverpool Mayor elections in 2016 with your support.

Thank you.

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Video of Save Our Greenspaces Council Speech

A number of Liverpool Save Our Greenspace (SOGS) campaigners attended the last full Council meeting on Wed 8th April, demonstrating outside as councillors entered, and attending in the Council Chamber, Town Hall.

Janet Pell, vice chair of Save Sefton Park Meadows campaign, read out the Save our Greenspaces statement, available to view here (36 mins in) and you can listen to Mayor Joe Anderson’s response.  Make your own judgements!

Thanks to all who came to the demo.

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Join the Greenspaces Protest at Council Meeting in Run Up to Elections


Please come and join the Save Sefton Park Meadows Campaign and Liverpool green space groups demonstrating outside the Town Hall from 4 to 5pm on Wednesday 8 April 2015, ahead of the Council Meeting starting at 5pm. Liverpool Echo article here.

This is the last full Council meeting until after the 7 May Local & General Elections and an opportunity to show the strength of feeling from all Save Our Green Spaces campaign groups to Council plans to sell off our precious green spaces.

See you there!