The campaign to stop Liverpool City Council selling off the meadows of Sefton Park

Briefings 2: How to Object and Helpful Pointers


All the Redrow Planning Application documents can be found here.

Project Packs 1 and 2 contain the detailed drawings of the houses.

Redrow Homes NW have submitted a planning application to build 34 large detached houses on Sefton Park Meadows, which also means felling a quarter of its mature trees.

If you support our campaign  you have until Thursday 19 February to submit your objections to:

Divisional Manager Planning, Municipal Buildings,
Dale Street, Liverpool L2 2DH
Or email to:

Quote planning application ‘Reference 15F/0110: ‘Land at Park Avenue L17’

Council Planning Case Officer is               Tel 0151 233 3021 

The planning process can be complicated and documents can be difficult to view and get to grips with.  The Redrow Planning Application has 70 documents, some over 50 pages long, including detailed drawings, consultants’ reports and technical jargon. Not easy when you can only read them all online, as no plans are being made available at Council offices for local people to view or talk over with Sheridan Scott the Case Officer.

We have put together some main points that have formed the basis of our campaign objections since the beginning.  These may be helpful for supporters in putting together your own objections. This is the ‘short list’ of bullet points.  A more detailed ‘Starter for 10 Objections‘   is here for  supporters  who want more.  For more info on ‘How To Object’  see this great blogsite by Martin Goodall. Please share on your Facebook and Twitter pages!

Why We Say No! to Redrow

1. The proposed development is contrary to Liverpool City Council’s Development Plan policy and the National Planning Policy Framework

2.  It is not required to meet local housing targets.

3. All brownfield land should be considered for development before any land such as the Meadows is even looked at in this respect.                                            

4.The Meadows are part of our city’s historic public greenspace within the Sefton Park Conservation Area.                                                                                    

 5. All trees on the Meadows, including those targeted for felling, are of a high quality and have preservation orders on them.                                                          

6.The area is within the significant setting of Sefton Park which is Grade 1 listed.        

7. Sefton Park Meadows is part of Liverpool City Region’s Green Infrastructure Plan, the Liverpool Nature Conservation Strategy and is a buffer for the Nature Conservation Area in Sefton Park.

 8. Over 7,000 local people have objected to the development of Sefton Park Meadows and 1,300 registered formal objections were sent to the Council.

We are delivering  a Objections Flyer 1  door to door to almost 800 residents  who live immediately close to the Meadows this weekend (25th Jan) to  encourage people to send in objections, as the council seems to be doing their best to keep this planning application quiet and its massive adverse impacts on Sefton Park Meadows and the wider Parklands.

We will also continue to put up specific briefings on key aspects as we review them.  Briefings 1 is on  a previous post, and focusses on tree removal.

Big thank you to all supporters and friends, we can win this!.


2 thoughts on “Briefings 2: How to Object and Helpful Pointers

  1. This is a red rag to a bull to me, my last objection was to Liverpool Council under the umbrella of Liverpool Vision which I was on, tried to claim the waterfront of the 3 graces. Get ready for a fight Joe Anderson and Redrow. I am a resident of Mossley Hill, a dog owner and user of Sefton Park.

    • Hi Maggie, thanks for support of the Meadows. Yes, we have a fight on with Joe Anderson and his Planning Committee, which will not be easy. We have raised funds to pay for a professional planning consultant to write a full report detailing all objections, but this won’t be enough. We need individual objections for people like you and your neighbours. Please spread the word. Also get in touch with your Labour Mossley Hill Councillors – all support the Mayor at the moment, although both L:about Councillors in neighbouring Greenbank have just come out in (quiet) opposition over the loss of trees. We have just put ribbons and notes on the 27 threatened trees on the Meadows – please go down and encourage others to add their own ribbons and notes too. Info on our Facebook page. Regards Jan Pell, Vice Chair of campaign. campaign

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