The campaign to stop Liverpool City Council selling off the meadows of Sefton Park

Site Notices Go Up On Meadows – Public Only Have 3 Weeks To Comment


All the Redrow Planning Application documents can be found here.                                                                  Project Packs 1 and 2 contain the detailed drawings of the houses.

Following the publication online of planning application 15F/0110 by Redrow NW, Liverpool Council Site Notices are being posted around the Meadows today, 22/1/15,  with legal details of the Redrow planning application and where to submit comments.

Site Notice on Sefton Park Meadows

Site notices put up on Sefton Park Meadows 22/1/15

The council Planning website also lists nearly 800 neighbour address details where Council letters are to be delivered, or already should have been delivered, to advise local residents of the Redrow planning application and where to submit comments and by what date. No reports yet of any residents receiving these letters. This Owner/Occupier template letter on the LCC Planning website is dated as 19th January with comments to be submitted by 9th February, 3 weeks later. We believe this date should be 3 weeks from when the letter is received by residents and are making enquiries about this.

The Liverpool Echo Business Section on Thursday 29 January will now have a Public Notice advertising the Redrow planning application to the general public with comments to be submitted by 19th February, again 3 weeks later.

In the next few days we will will post  and Twitter more information about Redrow’s site plans and their impact to assist campaign supporters to make their own comments and objections.

All council notices and consultation letters refer to Sefton Park Meadows  as ‘Land off Park Avenue, Mossley Hill, Liverpool L17’ , which is misleading when the site is commonly known locally, nationally and now internationally due to recent publicity as Sefton Park Meadows. Some people will not be aware that the planning application for‘Land off Park Avenue, Mossley Hill, Liverpool, L17’ is actually the Redrow application for Sefton Park Meadows. Even more so when most maps show the site is actually in the L18 area, not as stated in the planning application as in L17.

Watch this space for regular updates.

2 thoughts on “Site Notices Go Up On Meadows – Public Only Have 3 Weeks To Comment

  1. I’ve just received my letter and it says that comments have to be in by 9 Feb, not 19 Feb!
    That’s just over 2 weeks from now. Can you confirm which is the correct date as otherwise many people will miss the deadline?

    • Hi Miranda, Jan Pell here. Your official consultation letter as a local resident states 9th Feb but is dated 19th Jan and I guess you have only just received this. You should get 3 weeks. The public notice in the Echo will be this Thurs 29th Jan and will state close as 19th Feb, and site notices on the Meadows also will give 19th Feb. We are going with this date. In reality, objections will be accepted right up to planning committee but get yours in asap anyway. We have today tied ribbons on the affected trees. Please go down and add a ribbon, scarf, note etc and encourage others! Details on FB. Regards.

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