The campaign to stop Liverpool City Council selling off the meadows of Sefton Park

Briefing 1: Redrow’s Housing Plans

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We are starting to look at the official documents submitted by Redrow for their planning application and interpret their significance and impact on Sefton Park Meadows.  These new Briefings will be available for supporters to use to make their own comments and objections to the Redrow application.

Briefing 1 gives information on:

  • Housing Plan 14082 (P1) 002 Proposed Site Plan For FRA
  • Our campaign visuals (below) of what this would look like once houses, gardens, access and parking are built (thanks to John Davies of SSPM campaign)
  • Tree Report by TEP for Redrow  – 4612 001 Park Avenue Mossley Hill Arboricultural Impact Assessment-2.  This recommends (page 9) 27 individual trees must be removed for the development proposals. Six of these are high value (Category A); 18 are moderate value (Category B); and 3 are ‘low value’ (?) (Category C). These trees will be removed to create access points into the new development and to provide ‘adequate stand-off’ from houses. Tree Removal Plan is Drawing 2 in Appendices at the back of the Report.  Quoting from the TEP report:

” The location and uniformity of existing trees makes the creation of new access points impossible without some degree of tree loss. A requirement to prune a large number, in particular those in the southern half of the site, will change the existing character of the avenue planting in the short-term.

” Tree removal is concentrated along Park Avenue and to a lesser extent along Aigburth Vale. The combined canopy cover of trees to be removed is approximately 0.2ha. The greatest impact of tree losses will be along Park Avenue where 13 Caucasian limes and 5 small leaved lime will be removed. This will dramatically alter the visual presence of trees along the road, principally due to the loss of the Caucasian limes that are particularly conspicuous in the summer months due to their very dense canopies that extend to ground level. The removal of the three mature small-leaved limes (Numbered in the Report as T39, T41 and T56) will also result in the loss of the last remnants of the original Victorian lime avenue.” (our use of bold text here)

The number of driveways Redrow plan to build under existing mature trees is also a real threat. Any tree experts would avoid this as a priority due to potential for damage to roots and trunks.  Also for tree management in the longer term.  Onsite monitoring during construction periods is rarely undertaken or enforced.

Redrow Site Map

Redrow Site Map

Visual of Redrow Housing Plan

Visual of Redrow Housing Plan

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