The campaign to stop Liverpool City Council selling off the meadows of Sefton Park

Report to Joe on Environmental Sustainability

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Read the recent Mayoral Commission Sustainability Stakeholder Event Report May2014, brought together under Mayor Joe Anderson to start  an independent review of what is required to support Liverpool to become a sustainable city by 2030. The Commission are examining  key areas of work Mayoral Commission Terms of Reference, in order to make recommendations to Joe Anderson.

The conference for local stakeholders was hosted by Liverpool John Moores University on 12 May 2014. 85 representatives from  50 different organisations in the city included businesses, schools, universities, city leaders, communities, voluntary sector and others. The aim was to create a broad consensus on the forces that will drive Liverpool to become a sustainable city by 2030. The report above, makes interesting reading on the need for high quality greenspaces!

Mayor Joe Anderson stressed the Commission’s independence and encouraged people to think outside the box!

Chair of Save Sefton Park Meadows Ken Aspinall has submitted our response Commission Submission Save Sefton Park Meadows


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